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Frosted Art Bakery has been around a long time, almost 70 years! We are on our third generation of bride, and are part of Dallas’ holiday traditions for many. You need a cake? We got them. And they are good. Dang good. In fact, we have a reputation for being one of the best bakery in the Metroplex, serving Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Addison, The Colony and Southlake.

The Frosted Family.

Sarah Duke- Sales Manager- Put up your Dukes, you say?! Well, we may only have one, but my money’s on her brains over your brawn, any day. Sarah is our super hero. Her cape collection rivals only her hat collection, and here at Frosted Art she wears many. Creativity is her super power but cake is her Kryptonite. She will not rest until it is yours, too. Have a cake conundrum? She will solve it. Need a never before see design? She can do that- EBC (even before coffee.) Sarah’s middle name is Art, at least it should be. What? She looks familiar to you? Well she should- as she is part of the brainchild that is Wheron.

Christine Throgmorton - She is our money lady. Our business manager. She is the one who keeps us organized, on track, and heavily caffeinated. Need a recommendation for a florist, a gorgeous utilitarian handbag or a great hotdog? Need an exercise to take care of excess cake effects? She is your woman, and she knows everything. She controls the money coming in, pays all those butter bills and make sure everyone here gets a paycheck with the grace of a dancer and occasionally, just occasionally the mouth of a sailor. Little known facts about our Christine- she can drive a mega truck with ease; you want a semi-truck parallel parked? I’ll be she can do it, and in 4” heels. She can cook up some deer meat gourmet style and she can talk hunting and camo with the same ease she talks fashion, wine, and jewels. And we just couldn’t do without her.

Meredith Plunkett- Sales Coordinator. I have known Meredith since she was 13 and I was 29 and not lying as much about being 29. Meredith has always wanted to be in the cake world, and has been working towards her goals since Junior high. She did her internship here a few years ago before receiving her first culinary degree, and now after receiving her second with honors she is here at Frosted Art to stay. Meredith’s work history includes a lengthy stint with a rather famous mouse in Orlando, and her bridesmaid status could reach semi pro any day now. If you want to talk to the nicest person I know, then please call us at the bakery, I’ll bet she will answer all of your questions with grace and the wit of a comedian. If you are lucky enough to know our Meredith, then you know that she is passionate about all dogs, especially goldens. Ask her about her Gunner. He is almost as sweet as she is.

Ruben Espitia - Ruben has been at Frosted art so long that we are pretty sure he built the place- 25 years and counting. His job description reads like a novel, essentially he is responsible for us all. If it’s broken he can fix it, if it is fixed he probably did it, and if it needs to be figured out, he can find three ways to get that job done. GPS was developed based on his sense of direction and MacGyver was his star pupil. Ruben eats cake for breakfast and pie for lunch which could explain why he can singlehanded lift a 3000 pound cake. Ruben keeps us laughing and we keep him with lots of things to fix.

Dora Martinez - Dora has been decorating for 30 years, since the age of two. She has been at Frosted Art for 15 years now. I am quite sure she invented the tres leches cake, as hers are what all others aspire to be, her secret is rum and lots of it. Her fondant skills are mesmerizing and she can ice a cake faster than anyone on the planet. Her two daughters are visions of beauty and discerning young women, a testament to great parenting. Her secret is rum and lots of it…..for the parents. Dora has the shoe collection we all envy. Just where does she get all those fabulous shoes? She keeps us on track with our diets, suggesting alternating carrot and pumpkin spice cake with other cake flavors as she knows one must eat plenty of veggies. Dora smile is engaging, and her laugh is contagious- even without all that rum.

Ricardo Gutierrez
- Ricardo was Mr. Chihuahua 2001, and when you see his smile, you will also believe this completely. He started working at the bakery last year, and has since grown into an amazing baker and decorator. He moved here from Mexico where he worked for his family’s bakery after attending pastry school. When he bakes the chocolate cake you are deafened by diets crashing all around you. Put on some Banda in the kitchen and you’ll see pep in Ricardo’s step. He is particularly passionate about Spanish food especially Paella, and we are still patiently waiting for him to bring some in for us.

David Read - David Read’s life experience is astounding. By any count he should be 187. That interesting beer dude makes me yawn in comparison. He served our country; he was in the air force in the Vietnam War. David has written novels and screen plays, his genre of choice, the Sci Fi Western. He has worked behind the scenes in TV land, assisted with surgeries, and all while scooping up awards in dance competitions across Texas. West coast swing is his passion. He’s a favorite in Dallas as he is commonly found escorting a cake to its final destination. If you are lucky enough to see him, please stop and chat- you may just learn something. His self-proclaimed title at the bakery is Panhandler. Together with Ruben, they are the dream team. There’s no cake too big and no problem too tough for these guys to solve.

Andrea Aulbaugh - Andee cut her teeth at the bakery this past holiday season. She survived still smiling so we knew she was here to stay. She collects tattoos, is particularly fond of anime and things that can be described in her words as nerdy. She spends her free time learning Mandarin, and volunteering her time for her true passion, the theater. Andee may make the rest of the world look lazy, but she makes us look great with her keen sense of style and her refreshing approach to fashion. If you need to make an appointment, order your anniversary tier, or want to talk about anything Korean, or dragon-like, give us a call, she will be sure to answer.

Michelle Weaver ‘You don’t know this yet but I’m freaking hilarious.’ The best interview statement of all time. She started a week later. Michelle is a mechanic. Michele is a cook. Michelle is now a baker. See Michelle bake. See Michelle bake cake. See Michelle? She is winning. She is diving into this new career of hers with gusto and panache. And we all know that is the recipe for success. She is a mom, she is a singer, she is a quick learner, a quick wit, and you guessed it, freaking hilarious.

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