Bronwen Weber, Executive Chef of Frosted Art Bakery & Studio in Dallas, Texas, started her “twenty something” year career at the age of fourteen in a small bakery in Acton, Ontario.  For almost ten years she worked in Randall’s Food Market’s bakeries in Texas, moving from production employee to management, and finally as a corporate trainer for cake decorators and bakery management.  She is a former Pastry Chef Instructor at the Le Cordon Bleu’s Texas Culinary Academy in Austin, Texas, where she taught cake decorating, chocolate work, candy arts and sugar to the schools’ students in the Patisserie and Baking program. Bronwen continues to teach nationally and internationally several times a year.

Celebrated on the Food Network as one of the top pastry chefs in the nation, Bronwen took home the 2005 Grand Prize at the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show, the most prestigious wedding cake competition in America.  Selected as the best from amongst a field of over 600 competitors, Chef Bronwen’s winning Bombay Romance Cake was featured on Food Network’s “Here Comes the Cake” production. Subsequent appearances on 27 of the Food Network’s Cake Challenges resulted in so many more gold medal wins than any other chef that she has been granted the title of Cake Challenge Champion.  Her work has earned her numerous awards, including Best of Divisions and Best of Shows in multiple national competitions. 

Bronwen’s cake designs and living-out-loud approach to sugar and spice have been published in Brides Magazine, American Cake Decorating Magazine, and England’s Cakecraft Magazine, among many others.  In 2010 she was named in Pastry Professional’s inaugural list as one of the top ten cake artists in North America. 

Christine Throgmorton. Business Manager. Cake Lady extraordinaire. Christine started here as a Yule Log Lumberjack and quickly took over the whole place. Thank goodness. Christine remembers our clients by name and cake preference and can recall a t a moment’s notice what flavor your top tier was. She keeps the bakery organized, she keeps the kitchen organized, and she keeps me organized. We keep her laughing, and she keeps us sane. She can also parallel park a 1-ton diesel dually blindfolded, and can offer up some excellent elk recipes.


Ryan Coffey. My Sous chef and my right hand.  Originally from Houston, Ryan was a student of mine at the Texas Culinary Academy and he graduated in 2005.  He has been at the bakery since 2006.  He bakes, he decorates, he sculpts, he builds crazy stands, he pipes and he leads our team to success every week.  Ryan can also spin a mean record and loves to DJ parties.  What he lacks in volume he makes up for in patience. He can make the most delicate butter cake you've ever tasted and can stack a cake perfectly in the center every time. He excels at details and is able to tell the difference between great and good enough with a single glance. Good enough just isn't, and it never will be.  

If you have a baking question, he would love to answer it.


Dora Martinez. Our fiery fondant queen. Don't stand still or she might cover you too! Dora has worked at Frosted Art since 2004, preceded all but Ruben and can decorate a cake with record speed. She has two beautiful daughters, Gloria and Victoria, who work here on school holidays. Dora helps keep everyone in line in the kitchen and can make the best tamale I have ever eaten. Dora is the master at topsy turvy so much that we refer to them as "Doras".  She makes a tres leches cake that will make you weep and a shoe collection that rivals Nordstrom.


Ruben Espitia.  Ruben has been here since before the dawn of time, 1990.   There are rumors that he invented cake.  Ruben is responsible for bakery upkeep, delivery coordination, icing production and well if you ask him his job description be prepared, it will take at least fifteen minutes to describe everything he does for us. He knows the city by heart and is our own personal GPS system. If you see a big pink van around town, wave, because that is Ruben!  The bakery wouldn't run without him, we just wouldn't want to. "Talk to me!" You will here this often if you are lucky enough to know our Ruben.